Friday, June 7, 2013

Danube River Show, Novi Sad- Smederevo

The European Union Strategy for the Danube Region, EUSDR launched in 2011 will become one of
the most important tools for regional policy and trans border cooperation in the Danube Basin. 
The Danube Strategy River Show Project developed by the Foster Europe Foundation, Eisenstadt,
Austria, the European Danube Academy, Ulm, Germany, and the two networks of the Council of
Danube Cities and Regions and the Danube Civil Society Forum is specially designed to inform and
discuss with organisations concerned, people as well as members of administrations of cities and
municipalities in the Danube Area about the Strategy and its implications for the coming years. 
In the information event in the Novi Sad City Assembly, on June 12th, 2013 (see the attached
program), international and national experts, and stakeholders will give first-hand information and
experience on the EUSDR. The event is designed specifically for three target groups: a) local public
administration; b) the culture sector (art, museums, monuments, artists, music, theater etc.); and c)
civil society and NGOs. Following a general presentation on the EUSDR and its impact on the three
thematic areas, an in-depth discussion will be held in three Working Groups. Here participants will
have the opportunity to involve in thematically focused discussions, bring up their concerns,
experiences, questions, and visions. The objective is to focus the activities during the year 2013 on
networking, and collecting ideas, proposals, as well as remarks and recommendations in order to be
well prepared for the forthcoming period when funds for the EUSDR implementation will be
allocated by the EU. 
The event is dedicated to all interested parties in cities and municipalities in the Danube basin, NGOs
active in the area as well as to those active in the cultural sector. No special previous knowledge will
be necessary. Translation (English/Serbian) will be available. Participation is free of costs.  
We invite you to share this invitation with all colleagues and partners possibly interested. 
Please register and contact for further information .
Registration by 9th June electronically, by filling out the registration form.

Please note that due to limited capacity prior and timely registration is absolutely necessary.  

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