Thursday, June 18, 2015

Save the date! 2nd Participation Day on the 28th of October, 2015.

Dear Colleagues, dear Friends from the Danube Region,

On the 29th/30th of October 2015, the 4th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) will take place in Ulm, Germany. Following the example of last year’s conference, a 2nd Participation Day for civil society actors is scheduled prior to the main conference on the 28 of October, in Ulm as well. The 2nd Participation Day 2015 aims to contribute to a stronger involvement of civil society and local actors of the 14 EUSDR countries in the implementation of the EUSDR. It provides a platform for debate, opinion building, exchange and cooperation for the representatives from civil society organizations and local actors in the Danube Region. The program will include key speakers on important issues of the EUSDR and the Danube Local Actors Platform (DLAP). It will also provide enough scope for interaction and involvement of the participants. The event’s language will be English, possibly with a translation into German. As a permanent structure, a “market of opportunities” will host presentations of NGOs, cities, networks, projects ideas.

Ulm Minster

The 2nd Participation Day is organised by the Institut für virtuelles und reales Lernen in der Erwachsenenbildung an der Universität Ulm (ILEU) e.V. (Institute for virtual and face-to-face learning in adult education at Ulm University) in close cooperation with a Steering Committee consisting of representatives of the Danube Civil Society Forum (DCSF) of the EUSDR, ILEU e.V., the Priority Area 10 Institutional Capacity and Cooperation of the EUSDR and Agapedia gGmbH. A limited number of grants to subsidize the cost of travel and accommodation will be given to successful applicants from NGOs.
Please mark down this event in your calendar. The program overview and information about registration will follow in the next few weeks, together with information about how to apply for a grant. If you are taking part in the Annual Forum on the 29th/30th of October or the General Assembly of DCSF on the 27th of October, you can combine both events. You are cordially invited to come to the 2nd Participation Day, please save the date! Also please forward this invitation to your colleagues who may be interested in taking part. With best regards,
Kurt Puchinger, Coordinator of EUSDR Priority Area A10-Institutional Capacity and Cooperation
Carmen Stadelhofer, President, ILEU e.V. and DANET e.V.
Stefan August Lütgenau, President, DSCF

This event will be supported by the State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg, Germany and the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung, Germany. 

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