Monday, September 24, 2012

Daniela Stojkovic Jovanovic, "World and Danube" activities through 2012

Dear readers,

During this year the activities of NGOs "World and Danube" were created through projects aimed at dialogue between countries in the region near and through which flows the Danube.
- Participation in the establishment and operation of the International Association Danube Civil Society Forum
- Collecting, processing and translation of materials for the magazine Holy Basin, No. 12-2012
- Organizing public campaigns and events, "Danube day" in Sremska Kamenica, suburb of the city of Novi Sad.
- Individual and group training and logistical support for project design particularly in view of current calls under the auspices of the EU Commission, the General Secretariat for Regional Policy: The Danube Strategy.
- Drama in education, volunteer work in the local community,
- Participation in international working groups by supporting the development of civil society.
- International
Competition, "Short Story-The Danube" (01.10-31.12.2012)
Since all the activities carried out in accordance with the given objectives, during marking fifteen years since the establishment of the "Holy Basin", we can not be aware of the moment in which we live. How to follow the course of the Danube river, from source to mouth, and continue sailing upstream and downstream, in almost recognizable dynamics.
We invite interested photographers, writers and translators to take part in shaping the 12th the number of the "Saint Danube".

Daniela Stojkovic Jovanovic
editor in chief of the "Saint Danube"
Sremska Kamenica, 24-09-2012

editor in chief of "Saint Danube", magazine for literature and culture of Danube basin

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