Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Political discrimination

Complications and the outcome
Political discrimination as a product of political manipulation is generally accepted behavior of the authorities.
In the stressful time of civilization consequences caused by the global economic crisis, completely unreasonable, irresponsible and dishonest makes the process of a jury in a state institution.
"Today there is discrimination as a misuse of political will and a less professional, moral and responsible behavior. Many people will agree with me in the assessment that political discrimination is a political dominance, or will a political organization that has been dominant." Sociologist Ratko Bozovic
What seems striking in this (one) case is expressed by the arrogance and the ease with which it is made final manipulation of state funds (regional, local) and the European institutions, which, taking into account the region of Vojvodina, for example, actually acting irrationally.
At the crudest way possible manifestation of political discrimination, in particular relation of domination, manipulation of ,pardon, by a certain political party to the others who are not in the network of a certain political party, it happens every day here, in front of the eyes of citizens of our countries, regions and facilities.
Political parties on the path to membership on educate, employ and favored individuals, ie, legal entities, they are often just masked the new non-governmental organizations, creating a network of satellites gathered, of course, about the nuts, that certain political organizations. Nice, why not ... but if it happens at the expense of all others, that is, not members of certain political parties, especially if we take into account civil society, we will notice big space in percentage, certainly in favor of civil society should act authoritatively to the authorities.
Unfortunately the reality that is still full intensity in everyday living, bringing a political discrimination and violation of basic human rights (right to work) and still leaves open questions such as:
* What to do and how to proceed if you encounter a gross violation of the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia?
* Is it possible with a real, meaningful and high quality projects receive funding or have the same exclusively for meeting the political needs of certain political parties?
* Is it possible toleration of non-compliance with the principle of transparency in public institutions should be regulated by the legal system plume, especially taking into account vacancies, tenders, awards?
With many questioning but this time having allied European Commission regional law, the way we have a thorough and painstaking insistence on respect for the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia and the Statute of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, especially given the rough non-compliance with the guidelines of specific projects.

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